July 29th, 2013


in which we fail at Apprentice Quakerism Level One

(If you know me from a customers-suck forum, you can skip this, because it's a post I put onto one of those forums about a month ago. I'm reposting it in my own journal so I can find it again.)

At the beginning of July I attended a Quaker conference (not my usual Quaker conference). It was the fulfilment of a volunteer position I took on over a year ago. I (and about a half dozen other people on my committee) planned seven field trips, and were generally points of "local expertise" for out of towners who need to find a doctor (for a nonemergency reason), or a pharmacy, or shoes for their kid because the airline lost their luggage, or whatever. People come from all over the country for this conference, so when it came to my state I was really excited to be able to show people around and bring them to the mountains and just be really excited about all the lovely things there are here.

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