hemenwaykid (hemenwaykid) wrote,

one thing i've never understood

One of the oppositional talking points that Republicans trotted out during the Obamacare debate was that the government shouldn't get involved in health care because health care decisions should be kept between doctors and their patients (I still remember part of Jon Stewart's rebuttal to this talking point when John McCain brought it up: "He thinks uninsured people have doctors?!").

Which I totally agree with. So what's the government doing trying to get between obstetricians and their patients' uteruses? Why do I have to convince a politician in Arkansas that I was actually raped before I can go to my doctor to do something about it? Why does my doctor have to explain to my governor that if I don't have this medical procedure that unfortunately involves taking a fetus out of my uterus, then I'll die?*

*disclaimer: I haven't been raped and I'm not pregnant, I've just been listening to Rachel Maddow and it makes me a crankypants.
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