hemenwaykid (hemenwaykid) wrote,

I had a dream last night that I had my dogs from my childhood back. I was staying in a house with two or three other girls who didn't like them there, but put up with them because I wouldn't be there long. I was trying to pack up my things, actually (which, in typical dream fashion, involved me putting something down and having it vaporize or move itself somewhere else the minute I turned my back). At some point, I realized my dogs weren't there, and hadn't been there for awhile. I asked my roommate where they were. She said she's put them outside two days ago, and didn't understand why I was upset. I told her it was unkind to leave dogs outside all night, that they needed to be around people, that she should have told me where they were. I went to get the dogs and they thought I had died.

And then I woke up and I had to go cuddle George, one of the two dogs I live with. I hardly ever have dreams that have actual people (or dogs) that I know in them. Usually the people in my dreams are entirely imaginary. I don't really cope well with dreams with familiar people (or dogs) in them.
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